Acoustic cabin in threshing station for WEEE management plant

Acoustic cabin for threshing station   

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) management plants are enclosures that are subject to very high noise levels due to the large amount of machinery involved in the process. After carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the different treatment options: Acoustic treatments on machinery, acoustic treatments on the building itself or acoustic treatments aimed at workers; it is decided to carry out acoustic cabins aimed at directly protecting the worker, so that the environment in which they carry out their activity is as silent as possible. In addition, many other factors were taken into account: to improve the environmental conditions of the workers, so that they were not subjected to the particles in suspension generated by the process. To improve temperature conditions, since being inside an acoustic cabin, it could be air-conditioned. And finally, to improve the lighting conditions, which is achieved by bringing light sources closer to the workstations.
The following elements will be used for the configuration of the acoustic cabinet:
       The complete acoustic enclosure is carried out by means of Acustimódul80A type modular acoustic panels. Due to the position of the workplace on a platform, the cabin is built in an elevated position.
       The access to the interior of the cabin is made through RS5C acoustic doors with anti-panic lock and rectangular acoustic display.
       The normal operation of the threshing process is guaranteed, making the necessary openings for the passage of the product transport belts through the cabin. When the product passes through the cabin, the operators classify the product in different hoppers. The interior of the whole cabin is acoustically conditioned, thanks to the multi-perforation of the acoustic insulating and absorbent panel Acustimódul80A.
       To allow the vision inside the cabin, and from the inside to the outside, acoustic visors of the VRC type are incorporated.
       Both the lighting and the air conditioning of the cabin are installed by the client as a complement to the work of Acústica Integral.
The acoustic result achieved satisfactorily meets the customer's needs, and in addition the environmental, thermal and lighting conditions have been modified for optimal working conditions.

Project: Acoustic cabin at threshing station.
Ref: O02MA1900222
Sector: Industry

       Acustimódul80A panels.
       RS5C acoustic door.
       VRC Acoustic visor.