Acoustic solutions in corrugated cardboard factory

Acoustic enclosure corrugated croup 

A cardboard industry has a noise problem in a corrugated group. The noise limit values marked in RD286/2006 are exceeded. Therefore, the company contacts Acústica Integral to develop a solution that achieves multiple objectives:

  • Design of a solution that meets the acoustic criteria of the standard.
  • Design of an acoustic insulation system that affects the production process as little as possible.
  • Adaptation of accesses to the enclosure through systems that are comfortable for workers.
  • Integration of the ventilation systems in the enclosure itself by means of acoustic tunnels.
  • Tailor-made design of the machine to be treated, maintaining its shape and occupying the minimum space.

The noise problem of the machine is studied and a constructive solution is proposed with acoustic panels Acustimódul-80A. The insulation level of this type of solution will allow reaching the necessary acoustic insulation values. To access the inside of the enclosure, RS5C type personnel passage doors and RSR type sliding acoustic doors are chosen. To allow the visibility of the process from the outside, acoustic VRC type visors are used. The machines are ventilated by means of acoustic tunnels incorporated in the enclosure itself.

The final result of the treatment allows to achieve the acoustic objectives and the needs raised by the client in relation to the functionality of the treatment with respect to the productive process.

Project: Acoustic enclosure for corrugated group
Ref: O02MA1300166
Sector: Industry


  • Acustimódul-80A Panels
  • RS5C Acoustic door
  • RSR sliding door.
  • VRC Acoustic visor.
  • Acoustic tunnel to prevent losses in the holes for product passage.