The Acústica Integral RS acoustic doors can be equipped upon order, with a wide range of accessories.

Maximum adaptation to installation requirements.


  1. Visible key lock.
  2. Circular glass vision panel Ø 492 mm. (*) For RS doors..
  3. Circular glass vision panel Ø 224 mm. (*) For RS-F doors..
  4. 485 x 685 mm. (*) rectangular glass vision panel. For RS doors.
  5. Aluminium handle for XL door big dimensions.
  6. Aluminium Door-closer.
  7. Single panic exit device or different choices as key or handle, PUSH or TOUCH system.
  8. Removable door step for doors without lower threshold.
    (*) Light glass dimensions. 

ACCESSORIES FOR ACOUSTIC DOORS | ©Acústica Integral - Soundproofing


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