Acoustic barrier for coolers and air conditioners

Acoustic barrier with built-in external sliding door 

In this case we have a clinic with air conditioning and cooling equipment located on the roof of the building. This equipment is in operation during the day and at night. The technical solution proposed following the study is the installation of an acoustic barrier to reduce the noise impact on the neighbours located at the front part of the clinic.

Acustimódul-80A type acoustic panels are installed to create the acoustic barrier. These modular panels are easy to handle thanks to their optimised size for assembly; they will reduce the environmental acoustic impact to levels below those indicated by the applicable noise regulations. The structural fixing of the acoustic barrier in relation to the wind loads to which it will be subjected will be essential.

Due to the lack of available space in the installation, in some areas the installation of standard acoustic doors is not possible. For this reason, we propose as a technical solution the installation of an RS-R type acoustic sliding door, which allows access to the interior of the technical area, as well as making maintenance operations possible.


Project: Acoustic barrier for coolers and air conditioners in a clinic.
Ref: O02BC2000101
Sector: Construction