Customised acoustic cabinets

Cabinet adapted to the noise source 

Do you need to acoustically treat a custom machine?

Do you want an acoustic enclosure with a design adapted to your needs?

At Acústica Integral we can help you with your project. When you have a noise source that you think you cannot treat because you need a custom design, our technical department of R & D can provide a solution to your problem.

This time we have electronic equipment for charging electric cars. The noise spectrum of the equipment is centred on frequencies that we can treat appropriately with acoustic cabinets. The design includes an access to the electronics of the equipment by means of a custom-made acoustic door, an interior absorbent treatment and a fairing with the different accesses necessary for the connection of the equipment to the electrical network.

" Design tailored to customer needs"


Project: Acoustic cabinets.
Ref: OO05BC2000083
Sector: Industry