Acoustic Rest Booth For Industrial Plant

Acoustic break booth to reduce the level of noise exposure of workers 

Of the possible acoustic treatments that can be applied in industries, one of the least used are acoustic rest booths. This means that that workers will have a space inside the production plant that will allow them to be exposed to noise levels much lower than those of their workplace.

It should be considered that the noise exposure assessment of workers is carried out according to the requirements of RS286/2006. The test method for recording the level of noise that workers are exposed to is performed by means of acoustic dosimetry. This parameter is directly related to the level of noise that each worker receives in his workplace (or places) and the time that this worker is exposed to these levels. Rest booths enable the exposure level to be reduced by 8 hours, so that workers are exposed to noise levels much lower than those in their workplace for a certain amount time.

These are very effective measures for workers, as they all benefit from reduced exposure levels for all the time they are inside the booth.

Furthermore, it is essential for workers to understand that booths must have their doors closed at all times, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness against noise.

Installation Technical Data Sheet

Project: Acoustic rest booth
Ref: O06BI2000096
Sector: Industry

Acoustic Material Used