Acoustic Enclosure for Shears

Acoustic enclosure with removable parts  

Acústica Integral was commissioned to provide acoustic insulation for a sheet metal cutting shear. This is a production process of the automotive sector. The treatment is carried out in two stages: the first is aimed at the acoustic insulation of the shear, and in the second stage its feeder is treated acoustically.

The acoustic treatment is carried out with Acustimodul-80 type modular insulating and absorbent panels, and to access the interior of the enclosure a sliding acoustic door of special width (3m) with acoustic indicators, of the RSR-C type, was used. On the surface of the treatment and according to the customer’s requirements, VRC acoustic visors were incorporated, to allow seeing the production process carried out inside.

In the work carried out in the first phase on the shear, a removable panel roof was used, to allow the machine’s maintenance operations, according to the customer's requirements. The rest of the installation is also completely dismountable, thus facilitating the operations of the plant's technical team.

This type of work requires a very important intervention by our technical office, preparing plans according to the needs of the work, which lead to the result that we can see in the images.

The acoustic result is optimal to reduce the levels generated by the machinery, allowing to control the exposure values of the workers around the machine to values adequate to the current legislation.


Project: Acoustic enclosure of sheet metal cutting shears for the automotive industry, carried out in 2 phases.
Ref: O05BC2000037
Sector: Industry