Acoustic shielding in bottling line

Noise barrier for bottling line 

The bottling lines are usually quite noisy, as the noise of the engines and the conveyor belts adds to the noise of the bottles when they hit each other. This type of noise is very centred on medium frequencies and is therefore easy to perceive by people who are close to the production process.

In this case, the company is trying to protect a specific point, which is located right in front of an office area and a corridor through which the workers pass on a regular basis.

The customer's requirements are very specific, that the acoustic screen cannot be fixed, so it is built with Acustimodul-80A acoustic panels, VRC type acoustic viewers to allow visibility of the production process, and RSR-C sliding acoustic door, which allows quick access to the bottle transport area in case of failure.

We must take into account that in the lower part of the set, a space is provided to allow the water to pass through when cleaning the area where the treatment is carried out.

Thanks to the frequencies at which the noise of bottles is generated when banging against each other (tinkling), the acoustic treatment carried out is very efficient, thanks to the acoustic perforation of the panel on the side exposed to the noise focus, whose absorption is centred on the bands where the noise is being emitted.


Project: Acoustic shielding in bottling line.
Ref: O06BI1900210
Sector: Industry