Acoustic cabinet for core setters

Acoustic cabinet adapted to complex production process  

Industrial production environments are very complex in terms of noise. The constant fight against noise in industry means that we have to carry out ingenious acoustic treatments that allow maintaining the production processes, but that are also acoustically controlled in their emissions.

Cases like the one we are dealing with require a high level of expertise in acoustic solutions, since it is not only about reducing noise, but we must also adapt the acoustic solutions to the needs of the ORP, production and maintenance departments.

The cabin in question is responsible for noise attenuation in a process called core setter drive headers. The product is placed through two windows in the pallets that will be driven to gain height, by means of a bellows system. This product reaches the height of the operators who collect the product and then deposit it on transport belts that feed the machine that makes the moulds from the cores introduced.

As we see in the description, the process is complex. Acústica Integral has made the acoustic cabin by means of modular, insulating and absorbent acoustic panels, of the Acustimodul-80A type. The access to the interior of the cabin is done through the RS5C acoustic door with rectangular viewer, and the viewing needs of the interior and exterior process are done through VRC type acoustic viewers.

To carry out the installation of this acoustic element, previous work has been required by our technical department, elaborating all the plans and developments necessary to integrate the acoustic treatment into the process. Furthermore, in collaboration with the different departments, all the production, maintenance and safety needs of the workers have been taken into account.

The result is an acoustic cabinet with excellent performance, adapted to the customer's needs.


  • Project: Acoustic cabinet for core setters
  • Ref: O06BI1900344
  • Sector: Industry


  •  Acustimodul-80A acoustic insulation and absorbent panels
  • RS5C acoustic door with rectangular viewer.
  • Acoustic viewer with VRC double glass