Acoustic enclosure for high pressure fan

Acoustic cabin for fan in storage area  

The introduction of acoustic enclosures for ventilation systems is common in industrial facilities.

The case we are going to describe, is a high pressure fan intended to supply machinery that moves loads by suction. The acoustic enclosure has been designed to take up as little space as possible, meeting the requirements of the machinery and the needs set by the maintenance department. As it is an engine that takes in air at high speed, it is essential to carry out an adequate design of the acoustic silencing systems that allow the air to pass but not the noise. In addition, it is necessary to introduce an acoustic door that guarantees adequate insulation, but allows access to the engine for regular maintenance work.

The acoustic enclosure is built with acoustic insulating and absorbent panels of the Acustimodul-80A type. The interior ventilation of the enclosure is made with acoustic silencers of the type SNA, as well as the access to the interior of the enclosure for maintenance tasks is made through an acoustic door of the type RS5C.

The engine is located in the storage area of the industry, and its function is to protect the workers who develop their activity in this area.

The results were optimal, reaching the objectives set by the client.


Project: Acoustic enclosure for high pressure fan.
Ref: O06BI1800455
Sector: Industry