Acoustic conditioning of multipurpose cultural and social space

Absorbent treatment for large volume multipurpose room 

Calafell's Old Market will become a new multi-purpose cultural and social space. The old facility has an area of over 1,500 square meters on one floor, and is located in an excellent spot, central, accessible and with car park area.
The conversion of Calafell's Old Market into a multipurpose space was decided in a process of citizen participation carried out during the last municipal mandate. The construction of the new municipal market, contained in the previous one, left the old building free. Among the various proposals studied, this is the one that aroused, at the same time as the citizen demand and the economic viability.
Once the old stalls had been demolished and the basic works had been carried out, the result was a very large space that allowed for an infinite number of possibilities: a concert hall, dance hall, for all kinds of celebrations, popular meals, festivals of the entities..., as well as more cultural uses: conferences, theatre performances, etc. In the whole Baix Penedès region there is no space with the characteristics of amplitude and versatility like this one.
Acústica Integral has been in charge of carrying out the absorbent acoustic treatment of the enclosure. The idea developed by the technical-commercial team is based on the installation of acoustic panels of the type Acustisón-50. The ceiling surface has been completely covered, as well as the surface on walls to complete the absorption necessary to control the reverberation time for the multiple activities to be carried out in the multifunctional space.
The acoustic result has been optimal, reaching the absorption levels necessary for the type of activity to be developed within the enclosure. The treatments have been adjusted precisely to all the available panels for treatment, defining a solution tailored to the needs of the client.


  • Project: Acoustic conditioning of a multipurpose cultural and social space.
  • Ref: O05BC1900160
  • Sector: Room Acoustic


  • Acustisón-50 modular, metal and multi-perforated acoustic panels