Acoustic islands in school gymnasium

Acustibaf-AC50, acoustic solution for sports halls 

The customer states the need to reduce the reverberation times in a school gymnasium. It is a very common case that generates multiple acoustic problems. The large volume of the premises, the lack of absorbent materials on floors and ceilings, and the high noise level generated by the users (children) make necessary to adopt corrective measures that enable controlling the background noise levels, reducing the noise levels generated by the effect of the reflection of the noise on the premises' surfaces.

The proposal of the possible treatments to apply must allow to continue to carry out the activity, ensuring that the absorbent materials included do not end up disturbing. The upper part of the walls and the ceiling of the premises were chosen as areas to apply the treatment.

To be able to accurately calculate the absorbent material required to be able to suitably adjust the reverberation curves, a previous study is carried out by our engineering department. They measure the reverberation times before applying the possible treatments, to determine the amount and type of materials necessary to achieve a suitable objective for the use of the premises.

It is decided to install a strip of Acustison-50A type absorbent material on the walls. . It is left on the lower part of the wall and a safety strip without treatment, in order to ensure that the material will not be affected by the regular use of the gymnasium. Furthermore, an absorbent acoustic treatment will be applied to the ceiling, consisting in Acustibaf-AC50 absorbent baffles built with Acustison-50A absorbent panels.

After performing the absorbent acoustic treatment, our engineering team measures the premise's reverberation time again, achieving a notable reduction regarding the result evaluated without the treatment.


The average reduction of the reverberation time was greater than 3 seconds, enabling a major improvement in the premises' acoustic environment.

The benefits of such a large reduction of the reverberation time, will result in a substantial improvement of the intelligibility of words, and will allow users to speak at a lower level and be heard clearly.


Project: Absorbent treatment of school gymnasium.
Ref: O02MA1700250
Sector: Construction. School premises, gymnasiums


  • Acustibaf-AC50 absorbent acoustic baffles for ceiling.
  • Suspension mounting on ceiling.
  • Suspension with metal profile system.
  • Acustison-50A panels for walls.