Acoustic islands in a school canteen

ACUSTIART – The solution to a reverberation problem  

Acústica Integral has conducted the installation of Acustiart 50 type absorbent acoustic elements on the ceiling of the school canteen with the aim of increasing the absorption of the existing ceiling.

According to the current regulations based on the DB-HR of the Technical Building Code a reverberation time of 0.9 seconds is recommended for empty dining rooms

It is noted that the value is above the recommended value which implies the need to adopt corrective measures to control the current reverberation time and be able to adjust it appropriately to the recommended value.  We must also take into account that this canteen already has an accessible absorbent acoustic ceiling of  600x600mm which is insufficient to meet the objective criterion of the DB-HR building code (CTE).

The following graph shows the measurements taken before and after the installation of the ACUSTIART Acoustic Islands which enables reaching a reverberation time lower than the recommended value: 

The result obtained after the installation of the ACUSTIART absorbent panels, make the reverberation time of the canteen reach a value of 0.82, enabling a value lower than the limit established by the DB-HR Building Code (CTE).

As we can see, with the treatments conducted with Acustiart 50 Acoustic Islands the values recommended by the Technical Building Code are achieved, and they confer a highly positive subjective feeling to the final user. Another of the advantages of the Acustiart 50 products, is that the client was able to maintain the existing installation and the impact of the installation of the Acustiart 50 products was minimum in the daily use of the canteen.


Project: Acoustic conditioning of school canteen with Acustiart systems.
Work No.: O02MA1700250
Sector: Construction. Hotel and Catering. Dining facilities. Schools


  • Acustiart 50  Panels for the ceiling, under existing accessible ceiling.