Absorbent treatment in high-speed Train/Bus station

Reduction of noise emissions to the outside on bus exit ramp.  

Acustica Integral took part in the project to control the noise emissions to the outside at a high-speed Train/Bus Station in the city of Girona.

In order to address the project with security, the acoustic engineering department of group Decibel Ingenieros carried out an acoustic study of environmental impact to determine the acoustic treatment to apply, so that when the buses drive through the bus entry and exit ramp, the noise levels generated to the outside are within the limits of the noise regulations of the City Council of Girona.

After a detailed analysis, the conclusion was reached that to reduce the noise levels on the ramp, it was necessary to apply an absorbent acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling area of the tunnel. This will enable preventing for the noise generated by the buses when going up the ramp to be amplified by its reflection effect on the side walls and ceiling (in the existing area).

To perform the installation, Acústica Integral developed a structure system so that the Acustison50 RAL, acoustic panels could be mounted separated from the wall foundation. A support system was mounted suitable to modulate the panels and their size.

The absorbent treatment suitably adapts to the triangular shape of the ramp, enabling to maintain an ascetics in line with the format of the surface where the absorbent acoustic material was installed.

The treatment was applied to both side walls of the entire ramp, from the start of the tunnel. It was also installed on the ceiling, so that the treatment has a "c" shape, ensuring there are no walls or parallel surfaces without absorbent treatment.


Project: Absorbent treatment on bus station ramp.
Work No: O05BC1700043.
Sector: Construction. Environment.


       Acustison50 RAL panels for walls and ceiling.