Acoustic conditioning of dining facilities with Acustiart systems.

Absorbent treatment with Acustiart on ceiling.  

In this case, we have a company's dining facilities without any kind of acoustic treatment.  The existence of hard surfaces (glass, tiling, painted plasterboards, etc) cause for the noise reflections on walls, floor and ceiling to have an amplifying effect, as they add to the noise generated by the people who are inside.

These premises are a typical case in this type of dinning rooms, as when many people gather together, the noise generated by the different diners is very disturbing.

The client contacted Acústica Integral for it to provide a solution for this noise problem. Our technicians evaluated the problem on-site and without performing a previous acoustic study, it was determined that the acoustic treatments to performer were to be carried out in stages. Once every treatment to be performed was evaluated subjectively, the need to add new materials that enable adjusting the reverberation curve of the premises will be analysed.
It is agreed with the client to perform the acoustic treatment of the ceiling with the premise that the absorbent elements to be incorporated hang from the ceiling as less as possible, as its original height is very low and the absorbent system can not be mounted far from the ceiling.

The absorbent 50 mm thick Acustiart panels are installed, distributed uniformly throughout the room trying to fit them into the gaps available to not affect the lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning systems of the premises.

We must take into consideration that due to the fact that the ceiling is very low, the activity of the absorbent system is favoured as they are very close to the noise emitting sources (diners and kitchen machinery). 

When the acoustic treatment on the ceiling was performed, the installation was evaluated along with the client, and was appropriate for the intended objective, not being necessary to add other absorbent systems inside the premises.

The integration of the Acustiart systems was very simple and easy, without major works, thanks to the hanging systems provided by Acústica Integral.


Project: Acoustic conditioning of dining facilities with Acustiart systems.
Work No.: O09BC1700013
Sector: Construction. Hotel and Catering. Dining facilities.