Absorbent treatment for multipurpose room.

Absorbent treatment with acoustic baffles and absorbent panels.  

Industrial premises are often used to carry out where the acoustics of the enclosure play a very important role.  In this project an acoustic treatment based on the introduction of absorbent materials on walls and ceiling has been performed, with the aim of controlling the general acoustics of the premises which has the aim of controlling the reverberation time for different types of activities, enabling an appropriate acoustics for each one.

Acustibaf-N40 type acoustic baffles installed on the ceiling have been chosen for this project.  Acustison-50A.type multi-hole modular absorbent panels have been installed on walls.

The way of adjusting the reverberation time in a multi-use room is based on achieving a reverberation time for the activities that require different types of reverberation due to their acoustic characteristics.  The treatment is usually focused on ceiling and walls, as these are useful surfaces for the absorbent treatment without interfering in areas of the premises where the activities are going to be developed. It is essential to distribute the absorbent materials in the most general manner possible within the premises, ensuring that there are no facing areas without absorption.  The particular shape, in this case, of the gable ceiling favours the sound diffusion as it prevents the floor-ceiling parallelism, enabling a more balanced distribution of own modes, thus improving the frequency response of the premises.

 Absorbent treatment in a multipurpose room.
Ref: O08BC1600417.
Sector: Construction. Offices, meeting rooms, exhibition rooms.

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