Acoustic doors

The perfect complement for an overall soundproofing 

If we analyse the basic needs of soundproof or acoustically treated areas we must mention in particular the acoustic materials that enable the entry and exit from these type of rooms:  Acoustic doors.

 Puertas acústica RS 1 Acústica Integral

Taking into consideration the modifications undergone by the acoustic regulations with regard to soundproof areas:  NBE CA-88, RD1367, Noise Law, DB-HR, Catalogue of construction Elements, ISO Standards, UNE-EN Standards, EBU Standards, etc; it is essential to consider that the insulation requirements of acoustic doors have changed, both regarding the acoustic properties and those relating to other purposes (fire, emergencies, etc.).
Acoustic doors enable accessing or exiting acoustically treated areas (soundproof premises).  They guarantee that an element that can be opened, does not cause a loss in the insulation regarding other treatments applied on floors, ceilings and walls.

The requirements of acoustic doors must meet the different needs of the place where they are installed.  It is therefore necessary, that as well as reaching a specific acoustic degree of insulation, they enables different functions:  exits with push bars, viewing through the doors with acoustic visors, door closing elements, key-type locks, incorporation of ventilation elements, etc.

Acústica Integral has developed a range of acoustic doors that enables covering all the market requirements, adapting the product to each type of application. The different models are the following:
- Acoustic doors with high level of insulation (>50dB) with lower frame, models RS10 and RS3
- Fireproof acoustic doors, model RS5F with lower frame and model RS5FS without lower frame.
- Acoustic insulation doors >45dB, model RS5 with lower frame and model RS6 without lower frame.

Acoustic Doors - Standard Models | Acústica Integral

- Sliding acoustic doors, model RSR, model RSR-C for booth, RSR-XL large format with sliding doors and RS-RJ with louvers incorporated.
- Acoustic sectional doors, model RS-HA, Large acoustic doors, model RS3-XL, model RS5F-XL with fireproof feature.

Acoustic Doors | Large Models | Acústica Integral 

The choice of the door model must adapt to the site requirements, with a choice of a large range of models where will sure find a door that will adapt to our needs.

We also provide a wide array of accessories and special features for the doors.  The will enable meeting the different requirements relating to the door's acoustic insulation:  RAL varnishing, key-type lock, door closing elements, circular or rectangular visor, push bar, door steps for doors without lower frame, electronic lock, motorization for sectional doors, etc.

 Cierre de Presión Especial Puertas RS | Acústica Integral

The acoustic door is an essential element in areas with high insulation level. They must enable to maintain a sufficient insulation level in order not to be a weak point within the acoustic treatment of which they form part.  Together with the acoustic visors and silencers they are essential elements in order to maintain a suitable degree of acoustic insulation at our facilities.