Acoustic clouds for a dining room area in offices.

Perfect sound with ACUSTIART acoustic clouds.  

Acústica Integral has carried out the absorbent treatment in a dining room rest area inside some offices, with triangular acoustic clouds.  As requested by the client, the acoustic treatment was carried out adapting the absorbent elements both to the shape and colours and amounts required.

The easy assembly of the triangular Acustiart absorbent elements facilitates the on-site installation of the absorbent elements. Their installation by means of FixingKit system enables adapting to all the site difficulties without limitations regarding:  position, adaptation to available spaces, positioning of the acoustic cloud, height adjustments, inclinations, etc.

The variety of sizes, colours and shapes of the Acustiart systems guarantee the possibility of providing creative designs without aesthetic limitations, as it is possible to integrate any format required by the client from the wide range of options available in Acústica Integral's acoustic clouds catalogue.

The design in this installation is the result of some specific requirements by the client, in which the design carried out by the architect and the design team who manage the project was respected at all times. Acústica Integral has the capacity of adapting the designs to its client's needs, enabling to adapt the acoustic solutions to the actual needs of the client for an adequate installation.

It is essential to take into consideration that the purpose of the absorbent treatment is to control the reverberation time of the room, as well as the degree of speech intelligibility and the background noise.  The installation of triangular acoustic clouds enables treating a surface sufficiently large enough for the acoustic parameters indicated to be within the appropriate values to maintain conversations at a low volume with a high degree of intelligibility.

All the acoustic refurbishment projects are focused on achieving the recommended values for the type of room and its volume, enabling to achieve a balance between the appropriate values and the optimum values.

The variety of shapes of the Acustiart systems allows adapting the absorbent objects to the spaces, enabling to install them without these being strange elements within the overall decoration of the room that is  being acoustically treated. 


Project: Absorbent treatment in office dining room with triangular-shape acoustic clouds.
Ref: O02MA1600376 .
Sector: Construction. Office.


  • Absorbent material with highly decorative standard Acustiart Triangular.
  • Finish in the standard range of fabrics.