Sound studios in Madrid.

Sound studios, call centers, halls Avid Nitris rooms. 

Integral has made acoustic insulation assembly and packaging of a soundstage in the city of Madrid. Sound insulation designed with AI-SL01, AI-TC50, AI-TD50, AI-TD31, AI-TB53 type insulation systems. They have been incorporated to allow visual relationship between acoustic studies Acoustic VR viewers Integral type, allowing adequate soundproofing and direct vision between technical areas and production areas. For access studies have placed acoustic door model RS3, RS4 and RS10 of Acustica Integral. To ensure proper sound insulation between rooms through air conditioning acoustic silencers have been used SILENBOX type systems.
The acoustic treatment has been carried out through art absorbent materials giving a modern and contemporary image. The absorbent ceilings were made with ACUSTEC-N plates. The walls have been treated with absorbent cloths ACUSTIDECO floor to ceiling and spot treatments with Acustiart elements.


Project: Sound studio in Madrid.
Sector: Audiovisual Media.
Work Ref. O02MA1600035