Radio Station

Radio studios, including controls and booths. Isolation and conditioning. 

Acoustica Integral, has made the installation of insulation and fitting of a radio studio in the city of Bilbao. Sound insulation designed with insulation systems TD50 and TD31 model. They have been incorporated to allow visual relationship between acoustic studies Acoustic VR viewers Integral type, allowing adequate soundproofing and direct vision between technical areas and production areas. On the approaches to the studies they have placed acoustic doors Integral Acoustic RS5 model.
The acoustic treatment has been carried out through art absorbent materials giving a modern and contemporary image. It has carried out an acoustic treatment on walls by means of a base made of perforated wood panels Acoustic AcustiforoTP type Integral, continuing through the false ceiling absorbent type treatment AcustiartP (Skin) Comprehensive Acoustic. The acoustic ceiling that allows the completion of the absorbent treatment has been built with Integral Acoustic AcustecN15 plate.

Project: Radio studio in Bilbao.
Sector: Audiovisual Media.
Work Ref. O02MA1500180.


  • Sound insulation walls (TD50 and TD31)
  • Doors RS5
  • Viewers VR
  • AcustecN15 white 600x600mm
  • Acustiart-P
  • Acustiforo TP-32
  • Acustiart-50P to announce booth