Acoustic screen courtyard with acoustic labyrinth

Acoustic barrier for air conditioning plant located in the inner courtyard of living area. 

Sound barrier installed in the inner courtyard covered in a residential area. The barrier comprises a coating on existing wall by means of panels Integral Acoustic Acustison50A. The sound barrier is formed by three faces formed by panels Acustimodul80A and Integral Acoustic door Acoustic RS7CIntegral access model. To allow lower air intake of the machine was made an acoustic labyrinth allowing the air intake preventing loss of acoustic insulation.

Project: Acoustic barrier for air conditioning plant.
Ref. Work: OTV04BC1500331
Sector: Construction.


  • Acustimodul80A sound barrier by panels lacquered on both sides in RAL 9002.
  • Existene absorbent wall treatment with Acustison50A.
  • Equipped with acoustic door type Integral Acoustic RS7C.