Theatre in Madrid. Multipurpose room.

Acoustic preparation for adjustment of the reverberation time in theater. Multipurpose room. 

Acustica Integral you installed the acoustic conditioning of a theater in Madrid. Through the acoustic simulation acoustic preparation of the room, absorbing the local needs were defined to achieve the objectives set by acoustic international standards of reference for this type of enclosures. Systems in walls, ceiling and settled scenario. The walls are composed of a plinth Acustiforo of Acustica Integral Smooth finish within the available range of melamine. From the basement to the roof absorber system Acustiart P40 of Acustica Integral stuffed with absorbent material based on polyester fibers Acustifiber F40 type Acustica Integral settled. Controlling low frequency energy has been made through the TR-R9 absorbent acoustic resonators Integral systems located in front of the stage under the rear area for the sound and lighting technicians. Both the stage and the pit allowed to obtain curves period appropriate reverberation to the objective of the project, thanks to acoustical fabrics used for curtains and the seats themselves. In this project we have used colors in keeping with the environment but it is also possible to use a range of standard colors without thereby increasing product costs.