Recording Room


Acústica integral made a recording room keys in hand. The acoustic insulation involved the construction of a floating concrete floor Acustilastic N, multilayer acoustic insulating walls with AI-TD23 system incorporating Greenglue, PKB-2 and  Acustifiber F40, soundproofing ceiling AI-TC23. For acoustical correction were used diffusers, resonators, Acustideco as absorbent walls. To access RS10 acoustic doors and viewers VR.

Project: Recording Room.
Sector: Audiovisual Media.


  • Acustilástic-N for a AI-SL01 floating floor.
  • PKB-2, Greenglue, and Acustifiber F40 for AITD23 insulation cladding and AI-TC23 roofing insulation.
  • Diffusers-Resonators, Acustideco absorbing coating on walls.
  • Access Doors RS10, 51 dB respectively.
  • Acoustic viewers VR.
  • Acoustic silencers SNA