Multi-purpose halls

A good or bad acoustic influences over the sound that reaches to the receiver.

Multi-propose halls | © Acústica Integral

The halls for concerts, recitals, lectures, theatres, screenings and other public events, are characterized by geometry festures designed to provide the best conditions of visibility and hearing, homogeneous for the whole audience.

Each room will have different degrees of reverberation and reflection, depending on their purpose (for concert halls, movies etc).

Visibility and homogeneus hearing.

The acoustic quality of hall,, not only depends on the reverberation time, but also the size and geometry of it, as well as the position of the material that absorbs sound, and the status of the sound source and the audience.

By far the reverberation time of halls, which are considered in good conditions acoustic, it can obtain a list of optimal reverberation time with the volume of the enclosure, for each particular use of it. 

The quality depends on the acoustic reverberation time and the geometry of the room.