TV' sets

On the form in which the acoustic isolation is solved and the lighting
                                         there will depend the sound and the image caught by the cameras.

 To project a set it is necessary to bear two changeable ones in mind. On the one hand, the isolation of the environment, that is to say, to avoid interferences of noise of the exterior. For other one, the acoustic response that will have the study, this is, the quality of the sound that will reach once realized the treatments of absorption.

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The as faithful as possible captation, of the dialogues and other sonorous sources, as the public, or the steps or blows in a production of fiction, worries every day more.

And is logical, since while a few years ago the television you upset tape-worm pretty loudspeaker, today there are great the emission that are realized in estéreo and in case of digital platforms, in Dolby Surround and 5.1, being received in the homes of the spectator in equipments estéreo or home-cinema.

Sounproofing: Isolation and conditioning

Though with a suitable ecualización and the use of finished filters today in day it is possible to eliminate troublesome interferences, reverberations or echoes, the suitable thing is to manage to condition a study by means of an acoustic treatment that, of correct form, facilitates enough the things to the sound engineers.

To project, it is necessary to bear in mind the isolation
                                                                          of the encironment and the acoustic response.

The acustic of a TV set must be a uniform, or, if it is needed, with specific response depending on the certain zones (steps, public, etc ...). The reverberation must be a fall, though it is good that a minimum exists for that one of the naturalness. The sound will be direct, a balanced good, with reflections to low level uniformly diffuse.

The use of absorbent and insulating materials is important to obtain the wished parameters.

A complete study before the treatment acoustic, and later(posterior) to the taken performances, must analyze the level of transmission of air noise, impact and vibrations, as well as measure the isolation and acoustic conditioning, the quality and, finally, the spectral and temporary analysis of every type of noise.