Radio stations

The radio stations are necessary a perfect isolation in soil, walls and roof.

Radio Stations | © Acústica Integral

Acoustic isolation

The basic beginning of the isolation is devoted in the place at treating and studied of form adapted to the own place of installation.
In the soil there are realized insulating treatments of noise and vibrations that will avoid the transmission and disturbance of low frequency.

In the walls there will be realized the treatment that allows to reproduce levels raised without causing inconveniences to adjacent, belonging places or not, to the same installation.

In the roof there will be realized the treatments that allow to avoid troubles to the top floor. The roof is in the habit of being insulating acoustic and absorben sheet of vibrations so that, as in the soil, undesirable transmissions are not produced.

Acoustic conditioning

We study the need of treatment of the low frequencies. your alteration is realized by means of traps of low frequency, diffusers and acoustic sounders. It is the most complex part of the installation and it will have to be considered in the phase of optimization of the available surface.

The treatment of half a frequencies is particularly necessary in this type of places since it coincides concretly with the band frecuencial of reproduction of the human voice.

There exist different types of possibilities of improvement in the acustics of the room and your application will depend so much of the degree of loyalty needed like of the aesthetics of the enclosure.

Finally, the high frequencies will have to be treated as a general form in the whole room, so that the response of the same one, it is coherent with the rest of bands of midle and low frequencies.