Noise-effective solutions for various environments

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Environmental noise is the result of outside noise pollution caused by unwanted sounds and vibrations. There are many sources of environmental noises, including industrial plants, public transportation, construction work, and recreational activities.

At Acustica Integral, we offer tailored solutions to cover all the requirements regarding environmental noise control, as well as monitoring services for compliance verification and a thorough noise impact analysis. 

The preventive actions for the knowledge, assessment and noise analysis are:

  • Noise and vibration measurements

  • Noise level monitoring programs

  • Noise maps

  • Noise assessments and acoustic studies

  • Viability programs for noise reduction

The corrective actions to be performed for an attenuation of the noise levels are:

  • Noise control products

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Enclosures, cabins and noise barriers

  • Acoustic doors and viewers acoustic

  • Structural vibration control

  • Silencing for outside air intake or exhaust air