Mass media

Soundproofing solutions for studios, theatre, and cinema

Acustica Integral offers soundproofing solutions and acoustical design consultation for studios, cinemas and theatres, in order to help maximize both the acoustics and the audience experience. In radio and television production, the studio is of paramount importance to the activity and the quality of the programs. If the studio surfaces do not meet certain requirements, the sound will not be absorbed, which results in reverberation.

Using adequate acoustic treatments and audiovisual soundproofing for your studio, as well as the right materials, including acoustic panels, acoustic tiles or bass traps, will have a significant impact on the quality of your installation.

We specialize in manufacturing high quality acoustic panels and acoustic insulation products for any type of studio, theatre or cinema. Throughout our time in the business, we have been responsible for the acoustic design and construction of many recording studios, radio stations, television channels, and theatres.

We provide specialist consultancy and installation services for the effective soundproofing of the following:

  • Recording studios, dubbing and post-production studios

  • Theatres and cinemas

  • Home theatres

  • TV sets

  • Radio stations

  • Concert halls