Solutions for the industry

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Our acoustic laboratory uses the most advanced technology to analyze your industrial facilities and the acoustic performance of your products, in order to offer you the most adequate soundproofing solution.

At Acustica Integral, we provide our customers with research, analysis and acoustic measures, as well as innovative solutions for a better quality control of their acoustic products and facilities.

Our services, which are designed specifically according to the UK acoustic requirements, include:

  • Measurement of machine noises

  • High precision acoustic measurement

  • Noise mapping

In addition, we offer advice and support to machinery manufacturers, as we help them choose and incorporate the most suitable insulating and absorbent materials in order to obtain noise-effective machines, which means that we also provide our clients with an added value for the final sale of the machine to their customers.


As part of our in-plant noise control facility, we offer:

  •  Soundproofing of industrial machines
  • Soundproofing of plant rooms and compressor rooms
  • Transmission of vibrations
  • Reverberation in industrial ships
  • Separation of zones
  • Protection to the workers

Ruido interior | © Acústica Integral



Our exterior noise reduction facility offers the following services:

  • Soundproofing of ventilation systems
  • Chimney breasts
  • Parament isolation
  • Accesses to noisy zones
  • External facilities

Ruido exterior en industria | © Acústica Integral

Acustica Integral is one of the leading manufacturers of sound absorbing products and materials for industrial installations in the United Kingdom. Our solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of each production process, with careful planning of acoustic work in order to avoid any delays in the manufacturing process. We can manufacture both standard and custom soundproofing products, and we also provide turnkey operations.